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A box of 8kg with 16 0.5kg tubs of blueberries, freshly picked from our local farm in the natural environment of the Picos de Europa.

100% from Asuturia.


Ideal for families, groups of friends or for consumer associations. It is the perfect amount to have fresh blueberries for a whole week for an energetic breakfast or a healthy snack. You can freeze them in the amounts you want and simply consume them little by little by adding them to your shakes or yogurts. They do not stick together when frozen!

From 10€/kg or less!

As you increase the amount of the order, the price per kg will drop.

To give you an idea, 500g are 4 tubs of 125g which you usually find in supermarkets. Our kids easily snack 250g each.

If you keep them in the fridge they will stay fresh for at least 10 days due to the fact that we only send our customers freshly picked bluenerries (We even label the collection date). It is not necessary to wash them since they are completely chemical free.

For quality reasons we ship orders of 16kg or above in several packages. We will contact you once the order has been formalized.

Our blueberries have a very competitive price since they are cheaper than 90% of the blueberries on the market.

In addition you won't find any blueberry fresher than ours because from the day of its collection to the day they arrive at your place only 2 days pass.

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Sin duda uno de los mejores alimentos para mantener la salud. Gran servicio

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