Properties of the blueberry

Blueberries provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect the health of the heart, digestive system and brain.

Very rich in antioxidants.

Studies conducted at Clemson University and the United States Department of Agriculture qualify blueberries as the food of the greatest antioxidant power among 40 vegetables analyzed with the ORAC method ("free radical absorption capacity")

The antioxidant power is due to the combined action of its organic acids and the 15 anthocyanins that give them their pecuilar color, among which we can mention the mirtiline, cyanidin, definidin, malvidin, peonidin and petunidin.

In addition, they contain proanthocyanidins, a dozen flavonoids and tannins of similar effect. One of them is resveratrol, which is also found in black grapes and is known for its anticarcinogenic effect.

Vitamin C

Blueberries contain a wide diversity of micronutrients, with notable levels of essential minerals such as manganese (100g of blueberries provide 20% of the daily need), vitamin C (17%) and several B vitamins.